We Win More Disputes With Better Data

Chargeback Hero gathers crucial information most businesses never think of using. We have a patented system for disputing chargebacks that win up to 90% of the time.

  • Computer IP Address
  • Email Open Screenshot
  • Tracking On Shipments
  • Credit-Card BIN Numbers
  • Customer Service Data
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It's Your Money... You Deserve It Back Quickly

Stop waiting until the last minute to fight chargebacks. Within 24 hours a fully automated system files a chargeback dispute on your behalf. Quicker response time means cash in yourpocket faster.

  • Measure Chargebacks By Merchant Account
  • Find Out What Reason Codes Were Used
  • Track Chargebacks By Credit Card Types
  • All Affiliate Data Is Recorded
  • Measure The Chargebacks By Different Products
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How it Works

Every bank and processor needs a narrative for why you should get your money back. We gather the data, file the dispute, and tell your businesses story.


Chargeback Hero Integrates With Your CRM & Gateway

We provide a detailed report with all relevant information on the disputed transaction. This increases the win percentage up to 85%.


ALL Chargeback Disputes Are Filed Automatically

Within 12-24 hours all chargebacks will be disputed. This means you get your revenue quickly which can be used for advertising, building better technology, and more!


You Recover The Lost Revenue!

Sit back and watch your fraudulent losses dramatically drop and the business revenue launch upward!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Chargeback Hero integrates with any payment processor or CRM. We have a team of developers who are trained to work with your current system.


Chargeback Hero Dashboard

All Disputes Filed Within 12-24 Hours

Time is critical for you which is why your chargebacks get disputed quickly and accurately. The quicker the response, the faster you get your money back.

Real-Time Analysis

Watch which traffic sources perform best for you in a live feed. You instantly get detailed business analytics for better decision making.

Win 70-85% Of Chargebacks

We win more than any competitor. Watch the percentage on your MID account get cut in half.

Eliminate Friendly Fraud

Over 86% of ALL chargebacks are friendly fraud. You now have a hero to eliminate this dangerous fraud.

"CB HERO has helped us recoup lost revenue, alleviate claim costs and continues to ensure our cash flow remains vibrant and healthy."

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